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Apprenticeships for Dietitians

Over the past few years, as part of the Government drive to up skill the workforce, including the health and care workforce, there has been a focus on Apprenticeships.  In 2017, the Government introduced the  and established an .

The Institute for Apprenticeships describes an apprenticeship as “a job with training to industry standards. It should be about entry to a recognised occupation, involve a substantial programme of on and off-the-job training and the apprentice’s occupational competence should be tested by an independent, end point assessment. Apprenticeships are employer-led: employers set the standards, create the demand for apprentices to meet their skills needs, fund the apprenticeship and are responsible for employing and training the apprentice” [Institute for Apprenticeships, 2018].

There are many types of apprenticeship. The BDA is currently involved in the following:

BDA Position

The BDA is supportive in principle of the development of apprenticeships which relate to the dietetic workforce, subject to apprenticeship schemes meeting the following criteria:

  • High quality delivery;
  • Affordable;
  • Occupational standard adhering to BDA curriculum guidelines;
  • Standard aligning with HCPC requirements for eligibility to practise as a dietitian in the UK;

Learner experience and outcomes are in line with the quality expected by the BDA.