Sustainable Food ABC

A blog from Elaine Penman, a student dietitian at GCU, about the ABC Sustainability Project.

Successful awards submissions – are you onto a winner?

75 years of The Vegan Society – introducing Vegan and Thriving

Happy AHPs Day and Malnutrition Awareness Week

Malnutrition Awareness Week in Scotland

By invitation-only, at a secret location, with no agenda - this is Sci Foo ‘unconferencing’

Prevention Green Paper says the right things, but government needs to deliver

Showcasing research and evidence in obesity and weight management

New Stream for BDA Research Symposium 2019

Principles and guidance for prehabilitation within the management and support of people with cancer

Dietitians Do Research - Dietitians Week

Dietitians do trade unionism

What Dietitians Do

Latest statistics show dietitians needed now more than ever

New AHP Public Health Strategy outlines how dietitians and other AHPs are playing their part in improving the public’s health

Chief Allied Healthcare Professional Officer Award 2019

Preparing for the Elsie Widdowson Memorial Lecture

Ten ways to be a better dietitian

Dietitians have a key role to play in ‘closing the gap’

Calling dietitians - Would you like to join the Digital Transformation?

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